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Grammantics is a turnkey resource for any curriculum that requires critical thinking and writing.

The idea is to cultivate good writers in all fields, so we can graduate students with diplomas that reflect their ability to communicate well.

Small steps.
Big strides.

The ability to write—in any field—is a must for students who want to differentiate themselves both in school and in the workplace.

Module-based learning includes “snippets” of punctuation and grammar lessons—most less than 30 minutes each—with teaching resources adaptable to any subject matter:

  • Relevant, relatable examples
  • Hands-on activities
  • Low-stakes assessments
  • Answer keys
  • Writing prompts and resources for further exploration

Inspired Learning

Grammantics embodies decades of writing and teaching practice. Developed by lifelong writer and educator Judy Friedman, lessons have been written, rewritten, and proven—time and again—based on personal and classroom/tutoring experience and the visible successes of countless students.

Unlike other writing resources, Grammantics provides an accessible and logical sequence of lessons that:

  • Build from simple to more complex writing strategies
  • Appeal to all kinds of learners using modern images, formulas, and mnemonics
  • Provide immediate, hands-on reinforcement
  • Relate to learners of all ages—from middle school to graduate school and beyond
  • Translate to noticeable writing competence and confidence

What’s in the Name?

Grammar + Antics = Grammantics

Grammantics is a portmanteau, or combination of words that represent the essence of this course:

Grammar: the system and structure of language

Antics: playful, amusing undertakings

Grammantics captures the fun and curiosities of the English language, providing opportunities to:

  • “Play” with words
  • Understand conventions for expressing ideas
  • Practice and apply techniques that lead to writing mastery